Latest Version: 0.10.7 (Jul. 22, 2018).

Download for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Instructions: Download from the above link and run the installation program.

Download for Mac OS X

  1. Download and install Mono (5.12.0 or later) for Mac OS X. (Make sure that it installs to /Library/Frameworks/.)
  2. Download the above zip file and and extract the contained to your Applications folder.
  3. Run the program from your Applications folder. Have fun!

Download for Linux

  1. Install the following prerequisites onto your Linux distribution, if they are not already installed.
    • Mono (5.12.0 or later)
    • OpenGL (
    • SDL (
    • OpenAL ( (The open-source software implementation of OpenAL for Linux platforms is called "OpenAL Soft".)
  2. Download the above .tar.gz file and extract wherever you please.
  3. Run the "tanky-tank" executable shell script included in the files you just extracted. Have fun!